Glock Party! Handgun Familiarization and Handling at Wilde Built Tactical, October 19 @ 11:AM

The Glock: one of the most popular handguns in the world, and one of the best handguns for new shooters. Have questions? Want answers? The guys at Wilde Built Tactical in La Mesa are doing a Garage Hour-inspired social event at their shop for interested entry-level Glock and handgun consumers this Saturday, October 19 at 11:AM.  Join us.


If any of these questions have rattled around in your head, the Glock Party will be your kind of time: What does this do? How do I care for a Glock? 9mm? .40 S&W? .45ACP?  What’s a bullet? Can my wife/husband shoot it? What do I do to purchase a Glock (or any firearm) in California? Why are there different colors? Is this legal? How do I store a Glock? Can I take it apart? Where can I go to shoot?

Members of the Garage Hour crew will be there too, with munchies, a few Garage Hour fans and, if we’re lucky, prizes.  This is all about becoming comfortable with your first handgun, and the Glock is a great place to start. See you at 11:AM.

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