Deadbolt & Rocket From the Crypt @ HOB SD: Halloween – 9:PM.

d-4870San Diego rockabilly legends (and Garage Hour royalty) Deadbolt will be opening for Rocket From the Crypt (another San Diego legend) at the House of Blues on Halloween night. You cannot miss this show (October 31) if you’re any fan of rock and/or roll, black leather jackets, big stage-eating sound or ass-kicking bands (literally – the guys from Deadbolt have been known to pick fights with their audience Rev. Heat-style).

New to rockabilly? Need a primer? Try a few Deadbolt videos¬†(if you watch “Last Time I Saw Cole” closely, you’ll see Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the walkthrough), or imagine the Beach Boys possessed by a drunk Black Sabbath.

Starting at 9:PM on Halloween night, the HOB SD’s Halloween show will also feature the Creepy Creeps, Mrs. Magician, Rob Crow, and Beehive & the Barracudas. ¬†This is boot-stomping stuff, pilgrims – we’ll be there.


PS> Garage Hour fact: if you want to know what dank pit Hank Watson crawled from, ask the boys from ‘Bolt.

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