Garage Hour @ 10.26.13: Beer Was Here. Manzanita Brewing In-Studio

The October 26 edition of Hank Watson’s Garage Hour; a simple affair: cars, trucks, beers and guns.  Also possibly battleships, international intrigue and dude food.IMG_0355:2

Let’s be frank – the bulk of this is trucks and beers.  After all, it’s getting close to trail and desert season in San Diego (time to go Squatchin’ again?), and Jeff Trevaskis from Manzanita Brewing is in the studio with us for a discussion of new ales coming out of the brewery for the holiday season, including Night Fighter (the Garage Hour fan-named ale) and Night Before Christmas (not too far from the beer version of a peppermint Oreo).  We also have an explanation of San Diego’s ongoing love affair with Manzanita’s Witch’s Hair Pumpkin Ale.  The studio may also be haunted by San Diego skully artist and Night Fighter namer David Lozeau, so this one’s got to be good.

Tune in to .45 Phil, Dirty Dave and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for a FULL TWO HOURS of the good stuff (that’s right, no Arizombie State game), and tell your friends and gather the Manz fans – 6:PM @ 1170AM (and simulcast at


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