Buying and Selling Gearhead Crap on Craigslist (also nice things): Garage Hour, 11.09.13 @ 6:PM.

Admit it – you have a problem.  We, even.  Well, the royal we.

We spent hours of the day online looking at the minor and little bits of things other people post for your acknowledgement.  But wait, there’s more – this isn’t the mindless swamp we call Farcebook (and Faceslave, Facecrack, Methbook and Crackbook; you poor addicts) nor the fetid wells of insomnia springing from a desperately overheated 24-hour news cycle, but

Do you mean there’s stuff on the web you actually need?  Well, need is relative – do you need new drill bits?  Sure, why not.  Do you need a car part?  Possibly.  Do you need a custard yellow 1950s range from a teardown in Kensington?  Probably not.  That said, Craigslist is a great source of near-barter human-to-human (F2F!) exchange that’s sorely lacking these days, and we embrace it (until their mysterious profit motive reveals itself…) because it’s chock-full of awesome car and truck and beer parts.  Now, if we could just get them to officially list gun parts, we’d be in business.

ep078128Tune in to the November 9 episode of Hank Watson’s Garage Hour for a grand assortment of how-to buy and sell on Craig’s, plus a whole bunch of don’t-dos and Craigslist secrets…  6:PM Saturdays, only on 117)AM (and simulcast on


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