July 19: One of THOSE Shows, w/ Car Chases, Epic Fails (of the Corporate Kind), Lost Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Truck Parts and Self-Uncensorship

You can’t get this kind of radio without a license, or a warrant, or a prescription…  GM’s ongoing warranty-fail nightmare, Springfield Armory’s upcoming open house, Farcebook censorship (of us!), the CDC’s lost anthrax (as well as lost Metallica, lost Corrosion of Conformity and lost 16 Volt), upcoming railgun awesomeness, ComicCon (maybe), burning windmills (of course), and one of our buddies in blue, who rode headfirst into this week’s high-speed chase on San Diego’s I-8.0011711_lego-city-high-speed-police-chase-60042

Today’s going to probably turn into one of those shows, with former factory test-driver, off-road adventurer, and host Justin Fort going talk-radio on whatever gets in his way, with a little help from .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), Jeff Trevaskis (head bottle washer at Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits) and official FNG, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions.

6:PM on 1170AM (and KCBQ.com for the simulcast).  Yeah, it’ll be bliss.


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