Gearhead Supersauce: Garage Hour @ Yawsport for Road & Race Suspension Comprehension

20150502_110545Garage Hour host and gearhead gadabout Justin Fort rolled to country San Diego to visit longtime cohost and suspension tuning savant Bret Norgaard (or is it Bert Nogood?) at his seriously stealthy suspension setup/tuning/design shop in Ramona, CA, and a podcast broke out.  Chock-full of answers to the questions every shade-tree and casual tuner asks when they want to set up their daily tug for a little canyon carving, the gearhead goons talked their way through corner-weighting, suspension design, and the hillclimbing and slicer-dicer life that keeps them single.

While Terb and Nitsuj also honored their lifetime hobby of screwing up each others’ names, Norrgird and Just In also got into the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, which turn up Solo-2 a notch to where it belongs (third and fourth gear). Brett’s also been running a pretty stiff hillclimb and time-attack calendar, which he swears is to help promote his suspension business – “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday” worked for Ford, so why not Yawsport?

Grab the podcast, and have yourself some learnin’ – we did.  Then have a beer, because we did.

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