Gearheads & GIs Tour San Diego Harbor: SEALs, Marines, Tugboats and the Garage Hour

What do you get when you load a bunch of spec-ops guys and career warfighters into a talk show infested with racers and off-roaders and send ’em on a three-hour boat tour of San Diego Harbor?  This! Gearheads + Guns + GIs = great talk radio.  Get some.

Retired SEAL Command Master Chief Larry Wilske joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on a converted trawler to cruise the harbor, look at aircraft carriers and tugboats and chat with Garage Hour cohost and 27-year Marine Master Guns .45 Phil, cohost Majid from Global Source Remarketing (he sells used Powerstroke trucks, folks) and Bob from Pacific Tugboat Service.

The episode that came out of this two-hour conversation is rich in the serious details of top-secret warfare, dangerously incompetent politicians, the blue-collar fixes for what ails America, and why having your own pleasure-trawler to drive around ain’t a bad way to live.  Then it devolves into standard Garage Hour fare: exploding bridges, diesel engines, beer, rifles, and who gets to grab the bucket when the boat decides to have more water in than out.

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