Toolboxes & Tie-Downs (to Fix or Haul): Some Gearhead Goodness Requires Effort.

We’ve all got contacts – people who know things, or stuff.  Garage Hour pal and knower-of-Subies-and-Evos Tony (of Tony’s Lube ‘N Tune fame) ad in his mind a big old Snap-On rollaway that needed a new home.  The Garage Hour goons went and got it.

Following some gearhead-grade lifting and hauling (old usually also means heavvvvvvy), Gringo Rich got to clean it, and now he’s got a sweet pink toolbox and owes Hostus Maximus Justin Fort about 1000 beers.

Free has its price.

Down the upload and join our brains (and our livers) for a trip to how-we-got-it and why old stuff is usually worth the effort.  Gringo Rich and the Diesel Ayatollah cohost on this episode.  #BecauseGarage!

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