Fail So Awesome: Gearheads Trip Into Machine Guns, Half-Tracks & Warfighting Presidents

This episode was doomed to fail: gather a horde of beer-sipping gearheads together to talk about the best gifts for their wrenching friends, mistakenly pull the pin on a topic (the new LCS destroyers down in the harbor), then duck, because the shrapnel’s coming.  On the plus side, machine guns and tanks.

What started out as the Garage Hour’s famous “Gearhead Gifting” special rapidly veered off-course into fighting men (from dive-bombing presidents to white-sheet navy) and their weapons (from quad-.50 M-16 half-tracks to clip-pinging Garands), the toilet librarian, the growing hazard posed by a desperate Chinese military in the South Pacific, Silkworms, Phalanxes, the brown note and sage words from .45 Phil.

Gringo Rich and the Diesel Ayatollah join the fracas at Protector Brewery, where the Gearhead Consultancy sipped the lasted batch of Defender IPA, Baghdad Special and West Coast while lamenting the absence of The Juice and Pineapple Grenade (the beer).

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