Useful Ideas! Gearheads VS Breathalyzers + What’ll Work Instead.

Freshie: the Garage Hour goons gathered for an hourlong gabfest on the concept of making in-car breathalyzation mandatory for all drivers.  What did we figure out?  There’s a bunch of more effective (and hilarious) ways to reduce DUIs and punish drunk drivers that don’t include walking all over our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

It’s not a question of “If we save just one person…” – an emotional appeal that doesn’t hold up when logic and financial impacts are considered is a pretty reliable indicator of a bad idea.  The need to reduce drunk driving has to be revisited and reinvented, with the inclusion of punishments that will actually reduce the behavior (how about red-letter plates, one-and-done or vehicle confiscation?), not financial penalties that are imposed regressively or mandatory requirements that affect the poorest amongst us the most (and do little to actually reduce illegal behavior).

Don’t worry – we didn’t overdo it.  There’s still plenty of great Garage Hour to enjoy, including tales from the bombing range and the annual Superstition Run (in the same story!), 5.0 Mustangs for fun and traffic, and how disconnected pearl-clutching bureaucrats and politicians want to turn your life into a bowl of vanilla pudding.

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