Robot Cars Will Eat Your Humanity & More Happy Gearhead Talk

Call it autodrive, robodrive, motonodrive, antiauto, automated computer road perceiving four-wheel autonomous vehicle self-guidance, the abdication of your right to roam – and your responsiblity for it – is a slippery slope that imperils the individuality that mankind wishes for (and the US of A has embraced).  Join the Garage Hour, standing athwart doom yet again, and load up some of the logic that matters more than a hole in the head when it comes to letting a PC turn your freedoms into free doom.

Whatever name you fling at the Mickey Mouse piece of $#!~+ you call the eventual death of your worth as a motorist (and subsequently, as a human), the Gearhead Consultancy gathered itself to discuss the legitimate perils of letting a computer think, act, crash and kill for you.  Everything from the accidents that wipe out man and beast every day, to the visionary robot proto-comprehension of Issac Asimov, the legal black hole that every automated car represents, and why automation is very much not your friend (ever heard of the bodycount paradox?), it’s in there.

And there…

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