Second Amendment VS Kalifornistan: SDCGO on 30 & 15-Round Magazine Amnesty, CCW Access & Assault Politicians

Uggh.  There’s many ways to be right, but the kleptocracy of California is making it hard.  Fortunately, we invited Mike Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners to join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Protector Brewery point-man Sean Haggerty for an hour that focused on loopholes, rules, maneuvers and sentences (13 of them) that make it possible for good boys and girls to still live in harmony with their Constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights in this third-world state of bureaucracy.

This episode stayed inside the lines – much to everyone’s surprise – and Mike, Sean and Justin colored such topics as getting a CCW in San Diego County (it’s time…), how legal your 30-round P-Mag or 15-round double-stack pistol mag is (ammmmnestyyyyy), details of the entrapment black hole that politicians call a red-flag law (run away!) and why the Roof Koreans should be taken off the tops of buildings and put on a pedestal.

Cars, trucks, beers and guns…  #Becausegearhead.

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