Canyon Carving & Curvy Roads 101! Taking Fun Seriously w/ Fast-Guy Thinking, Owning your Envelope & Daily-Driver Heel-Toe [Aired 05.15.20]

Make Sunday runday a fun day. The Garage Hour goons are pros at a few things, and a little gearhead gusto on the two-lane blacktop is one of them – the curvier the better. We’ll get you a few of the basics in this episode, including obvious stuff like knowing your tires, and weird bits you might’ve missed (straightening the curve and looking past traffic included).

When you’re done eyeballing the brake juice and kvetching about the cost of another set of stickies, let’s think a few other thoughts about going fast for fun: Who’s giving you advice? Who are you running with? Can you ensure your car can take a beating and are you prepared to give it?

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