Stuff With Trucks: Toyotas, Junkyards, Coils, Leafs, Howitzers & Too Many Beers (Said No Gearhead Ever)

It’s not like we’ve stopped making awesomeness – it’s just a little airborne (it’s still good).  The Gearhead Consultancy got lost in the (Black) Forest and found us the Walkin’ Dude, and it was game on:  great garages, Toyotas and Fords, Subaru parts, Glock parts, wood-panelling, the JF Summit and piles of V8s.

Yes, have some:

While we’re at it: Dan’s demand that SoCal folks stay there, Justin’s gesticulation about the need to get your money out of the NRA until it’s de-Wayned, and your host’s catlike reflexes and editing skills.

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