Why Do You Hate Your Tires & Other Obvious Tropes [Aired 12.09.19]

Down an upload about your flat-tired tires…

The Garage Hour is here to help… because you need it.  The things that drivers do (and notso drivers) to their tires would make Bob Goodyear and Howie Dunlop cry if they were the cryin’ sort.  Low-pressure freewaying, curb-grinding, wrongo-installo, improper sizing and maintenance levels that make you want to call Tire Protective Services – it’s enough to lose your license (or your lunch).

What’cha going to do?  You’re going to take some advice (and some abuse) from the Garage Hour goons, and we of the gearhead persuasion will hand you a few more than a few data points on how to keep what’s arguably the most consequential part of your car, truck, quad, bike (powered or un), wheelbarrow, half-track (track pressure?) and wagon on the road – literally and figuratively.

Hereyago: http://garagehour.libsyn.com/120919-tire-abuse-garage-hour-goons-on-how-you-hate-your-tires-w-pressure-love-chinese-frauds-nails-vs-tread-sidewalls-vs-rocks-curbs-snow-vs-lugs-vs-studs-the-20-inch-conundrum-exploding-engineer-heads