Things You Should Hate – High-Beam Jerks, Robot Trucks, Unrepairable Anything, & Beer You Can’t Sip [Aired 12.02.21]

Hating is hard work – save it for something that deserves it.  This episode of garagey goodness deep-dives the gripey stuff on a cross-country flee-fest to Chi-town:  join us discussing some noteworthy reasons for unrest.  How about driverless cars and semis?  Why not add the right to repair (if you own it, why can’t you fix it?)?  Make a dessert of clowning those boobs who can’t run a set of headights (ahem, turn off those high-beams, you jerk, or aim something already).  …Because you’re a geek, and you probably know better.

Have some:

12.02.21: Stuff You Ought’a Hate – Dangerous Robot Trucks, Ill-Mannered High Beams, & Things You Can’t Fix (Support “Right to Repair”), + John Wayne Flics, Monster Magnet, Masters of Reality, Orbital, 16-Volt, Steril, Hellacopters & White Zombie

 Additional points of merit: shouts out to Chef Jeff, the Diesel Ayatollah, .45 Phil, the Jaimz Unit, Popeye’s muscles, Greedo’s eggs (Han shot first), plus some industrial and darkwave yumminess.

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