Reach Out and Touch Us.

You can contact the Garage Hour goons by way of email: (bringing back the retro with the AOL).  They even respond – usually.

The show’s FarceBook page is another easy one – just enter “Garage Hour”, or serve up this link:


  1. Hector Last-Name-Witheld (sworn law enforcement)

    …Finally got to meet you, Justin, after listening on KCBQ for years. A few years ago, I missed you at Maxwell’s in La Mesa by a few hours (Oktoberfest!), and had been trying to find you since. So weird – you weren’t even doing a show, just drinking beer at Helix. That was before all this crazy kung flu stuff started, though, so who knows where you are now.
    To everyone, if you see him, meet him, he’s cool! (but he needs to put down the coffee).
    Hector (BP guy!)

  2. Met Justin today, cool dude. Some things you might find interesting.

    * Motorhead, a TV show I made in 1996
    Morphed into Motorhead Garage on Velocity.

    * Planet X, the show I am making now, on SD 4 and Direct TV/Root Sports.

    Tom Dulaney

  3. Jack Cummings

    Glad to see you have a smart guy like Jaime working on this. The Function email address makes me smile, one of your many great ideas.

  4. HankWatsonsGarageHour

    Roger that, the comments are working. Now to work some comments.

  5. Test Test, is this working?

  6. Test, test. Is this working?

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