What’s a Garage Hour?

Join us in the garage.

Sit down with the dudes (and bring some girls). Cars, trucks, beers and guns, off-road and road-race, tools and tires, rock and roll, a little bit of politics and a whole lot of old-fashioned blue-collar awesomesauce, plus a segment we call Dude Food. We’re killer gearhead talk.

Hank Watson’s Garage Hour sprung from the poorly lit catacombs between the ears of Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, former factory test driver, gearhead gadabout and Death Star leftover. The Garage Hour’s revolving army of cohosts include a few fabulous ladies, Agent Aya and SuperMeg, and some gents with faces for radio: Dirty Dave, .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell, Wes Luthor, Black Ryan, Don’t Die Brian, Eryk from CalGuns.Net, lowbrow artist David Lozeau, author and zombie expert Jesse Caverly, Rustbelt, Grizzly Chris, Scarecrow and the Tin Man.

We’re based in San Diego but our listenership spans 14 countries and at least 42 of these fine united states. Tune in every Saturday at 6:PM Left Coast time (so long as our schedule hasn’t been interrupted by any of the alphabet agencies that stalk our trail) for two hours of the best sort of talk radio – us – only on 1170AM/KCBQ.com.



  1. HankWatsonsGarageHour

    No kidding! We’ve found a few Hank Watsons in our years on-air – you’re the first who admitted to being a Jeeper 😉 Where are you listening from? Where’s your garage?

    We’re off AM radio for the moment – station politics – but the show’s still alive on iTunes and LibSyn (you can keep track on Fakebook and Instaspam). We just do it when we feel like it – pure for-the-Hell-of-it, plus keeping the brand alive. Tell your friends, and we’ll keep talking cars, trucks, beers and guns.

    If you keep in touch with us, I’ll make sure to get you stickers when we do the next batch.


  2. Wow , I typed in my name and found this. I’m Hank Watson. I’ll have to see if I can tick up your show. I spend a lot of time chillin in the garage with my friends. we often talk about camping or work on out jeeps or quads of talk guns and politics. Great fun especially when you through in a few beers. LOL.

  3. Hey Justin, are you guys going to spend more time at races now that you got your Saturdays back?

  4. Hiya Rubin.

    Awesome – you own a trucklet. They make great off-roaders with a few mods.

    We refer a lot of work to Tony’s Lube &Tune on Aero – they work on a ton of old and high-mileage metal, and I’ve seen a few Trackers there. Yes, they’re also a Garage Hour advertiser, but we wouldn’t send people there unless we knew Tony was good. Chase the link on this website and it’ll get you to Tony’s details.


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