July 19: One of THOSE Shows, w/ Car Chases, Epic Fails (of the Corporate Kind), Lost Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Truck Parts and Self-Uncensorship

You can’t get this kind of radio without a license, or a warrant, or a prescription…  GM’s ongoing warranty-fail nightmare, Springfield Armory’s upcoming open house, Farcebook censorship (of us!), the CDC’s lost anthrax (as well as lost Metallica, lost Corrosion of Conformity and lost 16 Volt), upcoming railgun awesomeness, ComicCon...

July 12 @ 6:PM – Three Fast Guys Discuss Road-Races and Hillclimbing, Plus 24 Hours of Lemons, How to Start Racing, and More About the Navy’s New Railguns

Drivers!  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort (former factory test driver) is joined by miserable hot shoes Bert Nogood (popularly known as Bret Norgaard) (or is it Norrgard?) (Norgarrd?) from Yawsport and Bilstein, as well as race instructor and hired gun Marc Reisenberg, for two hours of the left-right slice and dice...

June 28/6:PM: Getting It Out of Our Systems – We’re International, Baby! Democracy VS Bureaucracy, Plus Iraq, Our Southern Border, Employment and Larry Wilske (Candidate for San Diego’s 53rd District)

The Garage Hour is pretty gear and beercentric most of the time, but every now and again we need to dig deep into the other holes we like – in this case, it’s government (a.k.a. What’s Wrong with This Picture?).  We’re going to light a fuse under a few of the...

06.21.14 @ 6:PM -> Understanding the AR-15 and Other Things the Kleptocrats Said You Should Fear, Plus Cars, Trucks and Beers with Direct Action Solutions

Tune in at 6:PM on Saturday to revisit the false dichotomy of how automatic assault weapons and black machine guns that fire 3000 rounds a second will kill your children and molest the mailman – it’s crap (holy crap), and we’re going to help you understand why the AR-15 and...

Sasquatch Run #3: The Squatchening – Have Truck, Will ‘Squatch, May 30 After Work.

If you’re a fan of cars, trucks, beers and guns, or just want to come along for some high-quality off-road adventure, join the Garage Hour goons for a sporty little night run on May 30.  And yes, there might be a sasquatch sighting, but only if El Sasquatcho isn’t busy raiding campsites...

An Open Letter to the NFL: What Happened to Football? (as read on-air 05.17.14)

Dear NFL. I’d like to thank you for giving me my Sundays back. Since I was little, I’ve planned my Sundays around watching football. Family and friends, folks and food, we’d cook and eat and drink and watch pro athletes play at the peak of their sporting ability. On special...

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