Freshie! Burning Bear Brewing Invaded by Garage Hour Goons: Gearhead Talk Awesomesauce Ensues

Grab the latest (well, not the latest-latest – we have newer laterly broadcast podcasts uploaded for your downloading pleasure in addition to this one).  That said, this is the latest “Where the Hell is the Garage Hour?” specials, fresh from Burning Beard Brewing in El Cajon’s lovely industrial district.  Seriously,...

Tax Day ‘Squatch Run – Truck Required, Civilization Ain’t.

Join us – he will.  The Garage Hour goons will be rolling uphill for a Tax Day ‘Squatch Run (April 15 for you foreigners).  If you’re feeling glum after finding out just how big a slice of your working life Uncle Barry thinks he deserves, or just like the idea...

Gearheads & GIs Tour San Diego Harbor: SEALs, Marines, Tugboats and the Garage Hour

What do you get when you load a bunch of spec-ops guys and career warfighters into a talk show infested with racers and off-roaders and send ’em on a three-hour boat tour of San Diego Harbor?  This! Gearheads + Guns + GIs = great talk radio.  Get some. Retired SEAL...

Gearhead-Friendly Art & Robot Dread w/ Dave Lozeau & Justin Fort: Download Now!

Do you dig killer gearhead art – the tech-fusion skully/low-brow/Day of the Dead style popularized by San Diego painter David Lozeau?  Do you like robots at the same time that videos of those robot mules make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?  Does a smart car make...

Gearheads @ Beer! Garage Hour’s “Hour at Helm’s” Special Available on Tap (& Podcast)

Damn skippy! Join the Garage Hour goons for an hour of beer business (apparently San Diego IS the center of the universe), robot cars (how much more of this can you take), rifles for newbs (everyone needs a .22), books for terrorists (we like Osama’s list much more now that...

Gearhead Supersauce: Garage Hour @ Yawsport for Road & Race Suspension Comprehension

Garage Hour host and gearhead gadabout Justin Fort rolled to country San Diego to visit longtime cohost and suspension tuning savant Bret Norgaard (or is it Bert Nogood?) at his seriously stealthy suspension setup/tuning/design shop in Ramona, CA, and a podcast broke out.  Chock-full of answers to the questions every shade-tree and...
Active Shooter Defense School of San Diego

Active Shooter Defense School of San Diego

Active Shooter Defense School> When it's time to defend yourself with a firearm, will you know how? ASDS teaches and trains to make gun owners smart shooters.
Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego, CA

Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego, CA

Tony's Lube & Tune> Full auto repair and upkeep, plus specialty tuning of WRXs, STis and Evos.
Helix Brewing Company in La Mesa, CA

Helix Brewing Company in La Mesa, CA

Helix Brewing Company> Locally owned and operated, and a pillar of East County's Circle of Hops: Helix is home to finely crafted and sippable adult beverages.
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