04.12.14 @ 6:PM – Autocross for Big Boys @ Lone Pine Time Trials, Also MRAPs for Corn Protection, Dodge’s Sticker-Package RamRunner and Flipping Smarts (Hobby or Compulsion?)

Ahhhh, gearhead stuff.  We’re on track for a fine collection of cars, trucks, beers and guns this weekend, beginning with a chat about the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials with Bret Norgaard (one of the Bilstein Boys).  There will also be an exploration of Smart car flipping (lookin’ for the...

March 29, 2014: Auto Recalls, Politician Recalls, the State of Threat that is the State of CA, Shotgun Ammo, Truck Fixes, aaaaaand Why You Should Care About Dolphins (Seriously)

Set your faces for stunned – it’s one of thooooose Garage Hours, where we keep throwing interesting at the wall to see what sticks. Today’s show at 6:PM has a little of everything, and when we say everything, we mean environmentalism (the what’s-up on the whole Blackfish freakout) with a...

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More gearhead, more horsepower, more off-roading and more canyon carving, more jackassery and exploding propane tanks, Sten guns, railguns, battleships, guitars, Dude Food, sasquatches and all of the general awesomesauce you’ve come to demand from the best piece of sheeeeeeeow since Top Gear full of beer: it’s the Garage Hour,...

March 8, 6:PM – It’s Dude Food, Dude. Garage Hour Goons are Joined by Eastbound Chef to Talk Eats for Gearheads (Plus Cars, Trucks, Beers and Guns)

We’re taking a step off our usual gearhead path to revel in something we know you’ll all dig: food.  To be exact, dude food – the barbecuest, flavorest, meatiest, I-killed-this-three-hours-ago freshest eating you crave – and we’ve got head chef Jeff Hall from Eastbound Bar & Grill to help us...

March 1 @ 6:PM: King of Hammers Competitor Shane Henry, Easy Off-Road Adventure, CCWs and EVs in CA

We’ve got gearhead awesomesauce stacked up for this Saturday.  San Diego local Shane Henry, of Dirt Built Industries, fresh from competition in this year’s King of Hammers off-road melee, will be in-studio to talk about what it takes to build and run in the ultracompetitive Ultra4 series.  We also dip...

Wilde Built Tactical in La Mesa, CA

Wilde Built Tactical> Firearms, ammunition and shooting gear.

Tony's Lube & Tune in San Diego, CA

Tony's Lube & Tune> Full auto repair and specialty tuning of WRXs, STis and Evos.

Manzanita Brewing in Santee, CA

Manzanita Brewing> Brewer and purveyor of fine, sippable ales in San Diego's East County.

Smog Only/STAR-Certified in El Cajon, CA

Smog Only/STAR-Certified Smog on Greenfield in El Cajon> Knowledgeable service, fast turnaround, no nonsense.
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