Your Tires Should Fit (or, Making Trucks Stuff) – So Many Details on Proper Wheel & Tire Clearance for Your Trail Rig [Originally Aired 02.23.23]

It’s not like the Garage Hour to leave you behind on-trail – we’ll laugh at you a bunch, but then we can fix it (perhaps with a Sawzall).  Some thoughts on making tire-to-wheel-well fitment right before we find you: trailing arms, tire sizes, Pahnard bars, shackle positioning, pinion angles, bump stops, spacers, 4Runners, Wranglers, XJs, backspacing, fenders and Dremel blades…  Guest appearances by Rock Hound Off-Road, Fageol Superchargers, Dirty Dave’s Super Pooper and Gov. Used Car Hair.

Have the stuff (available nearby as an MP3, as well): 02.23.23: Tire & Wheel Clearance – Wide x Tough Guy Tires VS Wheel Wells, Stuff VS Flex, Mounting VS Spacing, Trimming VS De-Fendering, Tire Shape VS Suspension Selection, + Ford’s Remote Repo, VW Carjacker Protection & Saw Blade Doom

While we’re at it:  bread is yummy, hot-boxing ruins resale, killing whales and birds, false electric-car advertising, snow in L.A. because it’s winter, VW takes the carjackers’ side, Ford isn’t on yours, and beer acting weird at 13,000ft.

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