Gearhead Awesomepile: B-1Bs & F-15s, Bilsteins & F1, Santa Anas & Taco Bell Hot Sauce, + Truckers, Rioters, & Aliens [Aired 04.01.21]

…Crammed it all into this one.  Script writer: go script yourself.  With a device-thwarting free-news cable-cobbling in-lab intro, this is classic Garage Hour goodness – better hydrate.  Fried cheese curds, cheating Chinese Teslas, F1 or circle-track, Bilstein 5100 and 6112 under your 4Runner, de-Wayneing the NRA, U.S. bombers in India and John Ratcliffe’s UFOs.

Even more: Body Armor?  Drank it.  Flopping tablets?  Fixed ’em.  Affirmative action for F1?  Figures.  ’60s Chicaco P.D.?  Need ’em.  The greys?  Found ’em.

Yes, have some: 04.01.21: F-15EX VS Formula 1, B-1B VS Bilstein, Taco Bell Hot Sauce Marinade VS Zombie Remixes, Santa Ana Winds VS Colorado Humidity, Spondivits VS MLB, Truckers VS Rioters, + U.S. UFOs, Chinese Spy Teslas & A Few Thoughts on Getting Prepped

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