Brake This & Break That – Garage Hour Does Hi-Po Brake Fixes & Avoiding Low-Quality Bits [AIRED 01.10 & 01.12.21]

Ahhh, repetitiveness…  You get into a groove, chatting up tricks for good braking technique and dodging lousy Chinese and third-world parts that’ll ruin your day (not to mention make you look stupid), then take a tug of a fine sip from Trinity Brewing, and suddenly there’s two episodes in a row about breaking and braking and breaks and brakes and broken binders with bad bits.

It’s not all ball-bearings these days, but if it doesn’t roll, it oughtn’t go.  The January 12 show that just posted is about the real and hazardous quality issues that result from lousy Chinese (and other third-world hellohole) manufacturing:

There’s another that went up last week (dated 01.10.21) that’s more about how you can treat your brakes a little better – after all, you only get to go around once if you can’t stop without collecting a telephone pole:

Not to get on too high a horse, but you need to be good to your parts and avoid crap parts.  Like it or not (but you will), the Garage Hour goons are here to help.

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