08.09.14@6:PM – Do Stuff! Garage Hour Chats Canyon-Carving and Off-Road Adventure (and Wants You to Have Some Too), Plus Car Chases (Someone Else’s), and Rock and/or Roll

It’s that time of year – get out of your box and go DO something.  If you’re a gearhead like us, that means finding some of the wonderful roads in your own backcountry (be they paved or un) and doing things on them.  If you’re lucky enough to have mountains and higher-elevation trails, that means getting the family truck out, checking tire pressure and stepping off the pavement, and if you’re a fast guy who likes a curvy piece of pavement, go find one and stick it to it.


Of course, statements like this will separate those who can from those who could, and we’re here to help.  Get involved, find someone who can show you the ropes, who can help you understand what makes your stock four-by Exploder or two-by 4Runner a decent truck for decent trails (and where to go to learn about it), or who can be your bandit while you learn to put your Z or GT or or WRX or Miata through its first paces on the curvy roads nearest you.

In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort (real-life fast guy) will be .45 Phil (real-life Master Guns) and Seth “Metal” Hollander (real-life off-roader).  Tune in at 6:PM, only on 1170AM and KCBQ.com.


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  1. Carlos Waldheim

    When and where are you going to do more trial runs? How about another Sasquatch Run? I’d like to hook up with you. I have a Jeep – don’t hold it against me.

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