Second Amendment VS Kalifornistan: SDCGO on 30 & 15-Round Magazine Amnesty, CCW Access & Assault Politicians

Uggh.  There’s many ways to be right, but the kleptocracy of California is making it hard.  Fortunately, we invited Mike Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners to join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Protector Brewery point-man Sean Haggerty for an hour that focused on loopholes, rules, maneuvers and sentences (13 of them) that make it possible for good boys and girls to still live in harmony with their Constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights in this third-world state of bureaucracy.

This episode stayed inside the lines – much to everyone’s surprise – and Mike, Sean and Justin colored such topics as getting a CCW in San Diego County (it’s time…), how legal your 30-round P-Mag or 15-round double-stack pistol mag is (ammmmnestyyyyy), details of the entrapment black hole that politicians call a red-flag law (run away!) and why the Roof Koreans should be taken off the tops of buildings and put on a pedestal.

Cars, trucks, beers and guns…  #Becausegearhead.

Robot Cars Will Eat Your Humanity & More Happy Gearhead Talk

Call it autodrive, robodrive, motonodrive, antiauto, automated computer road perceiving four-wheel autonomous vehicle self-guidance, the abdication of your right to roam – and your responsiblity for it – is a slippery slope that imperils the individuality that mankind wishes for (and the US of A has embraced).  Join the Garage Hour, standing athwart doom yet again, and load up some of the logic that matters more than a hole in the head when it comes to letting a PC turn your freedoms into free doom.

Whatever name you fling at the Mickey Mouse piece of $#!~+ you call the eventual death of your worth as a motorist (and subsequently, as a human), the Gearhead Consultancy gathered itself to discuss the legitimate perils of letting a computer think, act, crash and kill for you.  Everything from the accidents that wipe out man and beast every day, to the visionary robot proto-comprehension of Issac Asimov, the legal black hole that every automated car represents, and why automation is very much not your friend (ever heard of the bodycount paradox?), it’s in there.

And there…

Useful Ideas! Gearheads VS Breathalyzers + What’ll Work Instead.

Freshie: the Garage Hour goons gathered for an hourlong gabfest on the concept of making in-car breathalyzation mandatory for all drivers.  What did we figure out?  There’s a bunch of more effective (and hilarious) ways to reduce DUIs and punish drunk drivers that don’t include walking all over our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

It’s not a question of “If we save just one person…” – an emotional appeal that doesn’t hold up when logic and financial impacts are considered is a pretty reliable indicator of a bad idea.  The need to reduce drunk driving has to be revisited and reinvented, with the inclusion of punishments that will actually reduce the behavior (how about red-letter plates, one-and-done or vehicle confiscation?), not financial penalties that are imposed regressively or mandatory requirements that affect the poorest amongst us the most (and do little to actually reduce illegal behavior).

Don’t worry – we didn’t overdo it.  There’s still plenty of great Garage Hour to enjoy, including tales from the bombing range and the annual Superstition Run (in the same story!), 5.0 Mustangs for fun and traffic, and how disconnected pearl-clutching bureaucrats and politicians want to turn your life into a bowl of vanilla pudding.

Fail So Awesome: Gearheads Trip Into Machine Guns, Half-Tracks & Warfighting Presidents

This episode was doomed to fail: gather a horde of beer-sipping gearheads together to talk about the best gifts for their wrenching friends, mistakenly pull the pin on a topic (the new LCS destroyers down in the harbor), then duck, because the shrapnel’s coming.  On the plus side, machine guns and tanks.

What started out as the Garage Hour’s famous “Gearhead Gifting” special rapidly veered off-course into fighting men (from dive-bombing presidents to white-sheet navy) and their weapons (from quad-.50 M-16 half-tracks to clip-pinging Garands), the toilet librarian, the growing hazard posed by a desperate Chinese military in the South Pacific, Silkworms, Phalanxes, the brown note and sage words from .45 Phil.

Gringo Rich and the Diesel Ayatollah join the fracas at Protector Brewery, where the Gearhead Consultancy sipped the lasted batch of Defender IPA, Baghdad Special and West Coast while lamenting the absence of The Juice and Pineapple Grenade (the beer).

Toolboxes & Tie-Downs (to Fix or Haul): Some Gearhead Goodness Requires Effort.

We’ve all got contacts – people who know things, or stuff.  Garage Hour pal and knower-of-Subies-and-Evos Tony (of Tony’s Lube ‘N Tune fame) ad in his mind a big old Snap-On rollaway that needed a new home.  The Garage Hour goons went and got it.

Following some gearhead-grade lifting and hauling (old usually also means heavvvvvvy), Gringo Rich got to clean it, and now he’s got a sweet pink toolbox and owes Hostus Maximus Justin Fort about 1000 beers.

Free has its price.

Down the upload and join our brains (and our livers) for a trip to how-we-got-it and why old stuff is usually worth the effort.  Gringo Rich and the Diesel Ayatollah cohost on this episode.  #BecauseGarage!

Gearheads & GIs Tour San Diego Harbor: SEALs, Marines, Tugboats and the Garage Hour

What do you get when you load a bunch of spec-ops guys and career warfighters into a talk show infested with racers and off-roaders and send ’em on a three-hour boat tour of San Diego Harbor?  This! Gearheads + Guns + GIs = great talk radio.  Get some.

Retired SEAL Command Master Chief Larry Wilske joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on a converted trawler to cruise the harbor, look at aircraft carriers and tugboats and chat with Garage Hour cohost and 27-year Marine Master Guns .45 Phil, cohost Majid from Global Source Remarketing (he sells used Powerstroke trucks, folks) and Bob from Pacific Tugboat Service.

The episode that came out of this two-hour conversation is rich in the serious details of top-secret warfare, dangerously incompetent politicians, the blue-collar fixes for what ails America, and why having your own pleasure-trawler to drive around ain’t a bad way to live.  Then it devolves into standard Garage Hour fare: exploding bridges, diesel engines, beer, rifles, and who gets to grab the bucket when the boat decides to have more water in than out.

Gearhead Supersauce: Garage Hour @ Yawsport for Road & Race Suspension Comprehension

20150502_110545Garage Hour host and gearhead gadabout Justin Fort rolled to country San Diego to visit longtime cohost and suspension tuning savant Bret Norgaard (or is it Bert Nogood?) at his seriously stealthy suspension setup/tuning/design shop in Ramona, CA, and a podcast broke out.  Chock-full of answers to the questions every shade-tree and casual tuner asks when they want to set up their daily tug for a little canyon carving, the gearhead goons talked their way through corner-weighting, suspension design, and the hillclimbing and slicer-dicer life that keeps them single.

While Terb and Nitsuj also honored their lifetime hobby of screwing up each others’ names, Norrgird and Just In also got into the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, which turn up Solo-2 a notch to where it belongs (third and fourth gear). Brett’s also been running a pretty stiff hillclimb and time-attack calendar, which he swears is to help promote his suspension business – “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday” worked for Ford, so why not Yawsport?

Grab the podcast, and have yourself some learnin’ – we did.  Then have a beer, because we did.

Garage Hour Podcasts: Latest Shows, Classic Reloads – Yes, Have Some!


Download every Garage Hour you miss and dig into the rapidly multiplying pile of vintage episodes at our podcast page – follow the link (, hunt us down on iTunes (search “Garage Hour”), or click to the microsite through this website. There’s a grand assortment of gearhead awesomesauce that we’ve uploaded for your downloading pleasure, with all the cars, trucks, beers and guns you can handle, plus off-roading, Boris Said, traffic, shooting, bad aim, Dude Food, a little bit of politics, some international intrigue, rock and/or roll, and all the other gearhead goodness you demand from your talk radio.

Remember, if you can’t get us on-air at 6:PM Saturdays (and can’t make it to a Sasquatch Run or find us in the canyons), have a podcast – they’re super.

In-Garage Garage Hour! Gearhead Talk & Go-Fast Bits in the First Live Pure Podcast

We took a few new bits of technology, a little more processing power and a gang of Garage Hour goons, and pointed them at a pile of speed parts and several growlers of Twisted Manzanita beer to create the first-ever Garage Hour live-to-tape pure podcast.  Live from the garage?  Damn right.

What’s that, you say, new Garage Hours?  Damn right, with a little help from Chef Jeff, Surfer Greg and Jaime from, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort screwed together the first of what’s the new thing in gearhead talk – pure-podcast Garage Hours.  This one’s a gem – lot’sa recording experimentation, discussions of beer and food, a little bit about Queens of the Stone Age’s last gig, all while Justin installs a set of slotted rotors on his nasty little Subaru STi.  It’s gearhead!  Have some.

No Garage Hour and no gearheads make listeners something something…

th-1In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “No TV and no beer make Homer something something…”  Don’t go crazy – Hank Watson’s Garage Hour hasn’t gone away – we’ve just left AM radio; the podcasts will continue.

Long story short, through no fault of our own – and someone else’s specifically – the suit overlords of KCBQ’s parent company called all the overhanging balances of the pain in the ass upstart shows like the Garage Hour, and we didn’t have the wad to bail ourselves out of an unceremonious trip to the AM grooveyard.  This, despite being the best piece of gearhead radio on-air in San Diego, listened to in more than 40 countries and at least 44 of these united states.  Dammit.rock-n-roll-you-go-girl-demotivational-poster-1282077367

Thankfully, the aforementioned Garage Hour podcasts have been going gangbusters, and download numbers for current shows and Garage Hour Reloads are climbing like a Saturn 5 in a hurry.  We’re going to keep recording our shows (once we’ve had a few Saturdays off to remember why days off are so much fun), and keep uploading the shows for your downloading pleasure.  There will be some experiments with how we record and mix ’em, but it’ll be the Garage Hour – have no fear.  C’mon, you can’t keep a little monster like this down, though for now, we’re going to change our shape to fit the times.

Also thankfully, we (you’re in on this too) must appreciate the advertisers who’ve stuck with the show, because it’s a lot to ask for small businesses to ride this sort of thing out.  Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits, Active Shooter Defense School, and Tony’s Lube & Tune have been with us for a long time, and we’re grateful for every minute of their support.