Garage Hour Podcasts: Latest Shows, Classic Reloads – Yes, Have Some!


Download every Garage Hour you miss and dig into the rapidly multiplying pile of vintage episodes at our podcast page – follow the link (, hunt us down on iTunes (search “Garage Hour”), or click to the microsite through this website. There’s a grand assortment of gearhead awesomesauce that we’ve uploaded for your downloading pleasure, with all the cars, trucks, beers and guns you can handle, plus off-roading, Boris Said, traffic, shooting, bad aim, Dude Food, a little bit of politics, some international intrigue, rock and/or roll, and all the other gearhead goodness you demand from your talk radio.

Remember, if you can’t get us on-air at 6:PM Saturdays (and can’t make it to a Sasquatch Run or find us in the canyons), have a podcast – they’re super.

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  1. Garry, El Cajon

    Where’s the show? When are you back? We have beer and a toolbox and a broken lawnmower in a garage with AM radio, but no show!

  2. Duane Preibold

    Awwww. All I wanted was the Garage Hour tonite, and instead I get college football. That sucks!

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