AR-15 Q & A: .223 VS 5.56, Handguard Styles, Trigger Types & Lots More AR Need-To-Knows [Originally Aired 05.03.20]

When you’ve got to know the basics, it’s not okay to be a poseur.  The Garage Hour goons gathered up a few know-it guys from Freedom:30 Arms and peeled the onion on an episode all about new-guy questions about the AR-15 – y’know, helping you get over the hump.  We even found a few questions that we didn’t know the answer to, plus the wonder that is .40S&W LEGO bullet heads.

Do you need to understand one and two-stage triggers?  Do you know the the difference between .223 and 5.56?  How about which handguard and what type of barrel shrouding is right for you (and why)?  What’s the “AR” stand for?  What’s barrel twist about and why do you need some (and why do some folks think it’s a conspiracy to make it a legal requirement?), plus sights and lasers and freakin’ sharks.