March 29, 2014: Auto Recalls, Politician Recalls, the State of Threat that is the State of CA, Shotgun Ammo, Truck Fixes, aaaaaand Why You Should Care About Dolphins (Seriously)

Set your faces for stunned – it’s one of thooooose Garage Hours, where we keep throwing interesting at the wall to see what sticks.

Today’s show at 6:PM has a little of everything, and when we say everything, we mean environmentalism (the what’s-up on the whole Blackfish freakout) with a real-live one (dolphin and whale fan; not an environmentalist whacko), some of the back-story on all of the Democrats being singled out for their duplicitous criminal nature (some would say the DOJ is winnowing out the weak ones before 2014…), some fun broken truck part fixes (old Toyotas never die, they just squeak more) and some shotgun shells that we’ve never used before that might or might not be awesome, but are definitely made in the USA and inexpensive.funny-rednecks-picture

Join host Justin Fort at 6:PM, with cohosts .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell, Kristine Alessio (mayyyyybe) and old friend of ours (and aspiring cohost), Leslie Rapp.


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big_red_documentary_2More gearhead, more horsepower, more off-roading and more canyon carving, more jackassery and exploding propane tanks, Sten guns, railguns, battleships, guitars, Dude Food, sasquatches and all of the general awesomesauce you’ve come to demand from the best piece of sheeeeeeeow since Top Gear full of beer: it’s the Garage Hour, now in podcast form!

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March 8, 6:PM – It’s Dude Food, Dude. Garage Hour Goons are Joined by Eastbound Chef to Talk Eats for Gearheads (Plus Cars, Trucks, Beers and Guns)

thWe’re taking a step off our usual gearhead path to revel in something we know you’ll all dig: food.  To be exact, dude food – the barbecuest, flavorest, meatiest, I-killed-this-three-hours-ago freshest eating you crave – and we’ve got head chef Jeff Hall from Eastbound Bar & Grill to help us get the seasonings right. Everyone’s bringing a recipe or two, and we’ll chat up eating and drinking and generally pleasing our taste buds.  We’ll also talk about Eastbound’s new restaurant, opening up in the home of cohosts Crag Maxwell and .45 Phil, La Mesa, Communifornia, which is ironically westbound of Eastbound.

It’s not just Dude Food, of course, because we’re the Garage Hour.  There’s always cars, trucks, beers and guns, plus whatever else gets in the way.  In-studio with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort (in addition to the aforementioned Chefus Maximus Jeff Hall) will be none other than .45 Phil, SuperMeg (with her own take on Dude Food) and whomever else roams past the door at the station.


March 1 @ 6:PM: King of Hammers Competitor Shane Henry, Easy Off-Road Adventure, CCWs and EVs in CA

We’ve got gearhead awesomesauce stacked up for this Saturday.  San Diego local Shane Henry, of Dirt Built Industries, fresh from competition in this year’s King of Hammers off-road melee, will be in-studio to talk about what it takes to build and run in the ultracompetitive Ultra4 series.  Runner1We also dip into how bone-stockers and slightly modded off-road newbs can get involved in off-roading at run-what’cha-drove-to-work events like the Superstition Run and Tierra del Sol, and how you can help preserve access to the trails and back-country that every American should have a right to enjoy.

It wouldn’t be the Garage Hour without some digression, however, so we’ll also take a run at carrying concealed in California, the ongoing joke that are electric vehicles, conservative politicians who are fed up with BS as usual in Washington D.C., the rolling humiliation that is the Obama White House’s foreign policy, and whatever else gets in our way.

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02.15.14@6:PM: Staying Close to Home – Garage Hour Attacks Local Politics, Activism and Jackassery in San Diego, Plus Gearhead Fun

It’s hard for the Garage Hour to be the international awesomesauce all the time, especially when there’s so much good stuff going on right in our back yard.  San Diego’s funny that way – it feels like a small city, but we’ve got big-time adventure (off-road, curvies, gearhead, and edemotivational_nid_1485t cetera), big-city politics (gag), big-apple problems (politics), and big-town news (for better and worse). That, and there’s always the ‘burbs with the fussin’ and the feuding and the general small-minded BSery that happens when bad ideas spread in the absence of good.  How can’t we talk about it?

So… we’re going to talk about it all day today, starting at 6:PM.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on-air will be a few ardent observers of what makes San Diego tick, including Vice Mayor of La Mesa, Kristine Alessio, Crag Maxwell, owner and proprietor of Maxwell’s House of Books in downtown La Mesa and all around payer of attention, and .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and that which goes bump in the night. There’s also rumors of the appearance of Hoosier Eric, but we can neither confirm nor deny it.


02.08.14: SHOT Show, Atlanta Snow, Schumie Hello, Nazi Hell No and Ukraine’s Bellow.

6:PM Saturday: Join the Garage Hour goons for a few hours of your kind of talk: gearhead talk.  We’ll have the low-down from January’s massive SHOT Show in ‘Vegas (everyone from the firearms industry gets together for a week – if you’re a car guy, imagine SEMA with guns).

thAlso on tap are some hopeful words for wounded F1 ace Michael Schumacher, some sarcastic words about former F1 tsar Max Mosley’s never-ending effort to make himself the most famous son of a Nazi collaborator in history, a commentary on what people caught flat-footed (or on their asses) after Atlanta’s recent… weather… and we’re going to dabble in international politics with an attempt at a discussion of the renewed pro-Western unrest in the Ukraine. Think the Cold War is over?  Nyet.

Your host with the most… speeding tickets… Justin Fort and stalwart cohost and 27-year Marine .45 Phil will be in-studio with Charles “Fun Hair” Robeson from Wilde Built Tactical and master beardsman Eryk Nash of to chat about all the wonderful firearms that we can’t afford and general gearheadventure funsauce.


Garage Hour Talks Smog, Rock, Local Beer and National Weirdness: January 25/Saturday@6:PM

Did you miss us?

maxresdefaultWe took one Saturday off to play in the desert at the annual Superstition Run (thank you, San Diego Four-Wheelers), and y’all missed us all over the place.  It’s nice to be wanted.  On the other hand, we were able to air one of the young classics from our burgeoning collection of two-hour episodes – find them at our podcast page or iTunes (search “Garage Hour).

337_traffic_smog_oie5_thumbThe January 25 show at 6:PM is right up your alley: Mike Petschek from Smog Only in El Cajon will try on the Garage Hour’s goodness in-studio, with Master Guns .45 Phil and Unidentified Flying Cohost Duncan Lancaster (lead singer of Skynyrd tribute band Skynyrd’s Innyrds) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort. We’re going to do the Practical Dance with your auto smog need-to-knows, including new laws being served up by the state and the feds to make enjoying your gearheadventures harder every day (sure, it’s a conspiracy; ask us how).

Tune in every Saturday at 6:PM, only on 1170AM and


podcasts Podcasts PODCASTS! The Garage Hour Is Online Now @ iTunes and

You asked for it (repeatedly, desperately, for more than four years…), and now we’ve got it: Hank Watson’s Garage Hour is now available in easily digested podcast form. Trip to our podcast microsite (soon to be linked directly at, or search “Garage Hour” on iTunes – it’s posted with the car from “The Car”.


Who are we kidding – there will be no mushy chewing from the Garage Hour.  It’s the same pointedly honest, brutally energetic unending collision of cars, trucks, beers and guns, plus brilliance, gearheadventurism, some political agitation, some history and science, served in a purified blend of obnoxious and indignance that’s sprinkled like sauce on one of our Dude Food segments.

Boku-lol-nice-headsetWe’re uploading as fast as we can (brought to you by Matt Klier’s Active Shooter Defense School –, with a combination of new episodes and old, including the Nurburgring, tanks, hillclimbing, the Fast guys episode, the Zombie Apocalypse specials and When Animals Attack the Garage Hour.

You’re damn right it’s awesome. Plug in now.


01.11.14 @ Garage Hour: Foul Weather Driving, Spirits at Manzanita, and a Little Something About Giving

Montana Woman Fends Off Bear Attack With ZucchiniIt’s a bear sitting at a picnic table.  Just smile and keep walking.

Speaking of it’s, it’s easy to give something back.  In fact, it feels good aaaaaand it’s easy.  Join us on-air Saturday, 01.11, and we’re going to chat a little about an old gearhead who put together a charity with nothing more than a few of his work contacts and an understanding of the way things work at a local garage.

The Garage Hourians are also going to have  Jeff and Jake from Manzanita Brewing on air with them, which is on the cusp of opening Manzanita Distilling.  How’d this happen?  Is distilling fine sips the next dance for San Diego’s brewing party?  Can we distill in our garages like we brew beer?  Our questions know no bounds.

It’s not all unicorns and low-beamscaroncar, though – the Garage Hour goons will play with a few pointed thoughts about how hard it is for Californians (SoCalians, especially) to drive in weather.  Any weather – not this namby pamby sunshine stuff.

Tune in at 6:PM, on 1170AM and


01.04.14: It’s a New Year, Garage Hour (with the San Diego Auto Show, New Cars Worth Your Attention and an Off-Road Primer for the Superstition Run)


It’s 2014, but other than a new page on the calendar, not much has changed.  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, as well as .45 Phil, Agent Aya (if she can escape her FBI, DHS, CIA and ATF tails) and whomever else wanders into the studio will chat up cars, trucks, beers and guns just like you like.  We’ve got a hard look at the 2014 San Diego Auto Show, the inexpensive sports coupes and hatches you’ll find in local dealerships in 2014, as well as a chat about where full-size trucks are going.

216145Don’t cheat yourself the time to listen this week – above and beyond the hefty slice of this week’s Garage Hour we’ll spend picking apart the finer things coming to driveways in 2014, we’ll hit a few of the notsos that you might like to avoid.  We’ll also be graced by a call-in from Amy Foley, the media relations savant at the San Diego Auto Show.