July 26 @ 6:PM/ Sci-Fi! Garage Hour Does Sci-Fi Movies (Plus Science Facts w/ Commander of the US Navy’s New Railgun Program)

Sometimes you gotta let out the inner geek: Hank Watson’s Garage Hour is set for stunning with this weekend’s show – it’s all science fiction, all the time (plus a truckload of science fact with the commander of the Navy’s railgun program).  So whether you want the top science-fiction movies (send us your thoughts), best sci-fi villains (we’re experts), most balanced spacefaring good guy (we call this the Han Solo category) or just a bunch of intelligent chats on the things that make science fiction the best genre since sliced bread, tune in at 6:PM.sci-fi12art

Like we promised, we’ll also have an interview with one of the men (Commander Jason Fox, USN – TOP men) behind the Navy’s new railgun, which is now in prototype form on a ship in San Diego harbor.  Buck Rogers won’t have to wait – we’ve got it now.

Backing up contract Timelord and sometime Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on Saturday’s show are none other than .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night, and the guy who keeps the moon from turning), SuperMeg (evildoers beware) and Jesse Caverly, author, zombie expert and galactic commentator.


July 19: One of THOSE Shows, w/ Car Chases, Epic Fails (of the Corporate Kind), Lost Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Truck Parts and Self-Uncensorship

You can’t get this kind of radio without a license, or a warrant, or a prescription…  GM’s ongoing warranty-fail nightmare, Springfield Armory’s upcoming open house, Farcebook censorship (of us!), the CDC’s lost anthrax (as well as lost Metallica, lost Corrosion of Conformity and lost 16 Volt), upcoming railgun awesomeness, ComicCon (maybe), burning windmills (of course), and one of our buddies in blue, who rode headfirst into this week’s high-speed chase on San Diego’s I-8.0011711_lego-city-high-speed-police-chase-60042

Today’s going to probably turn into one of those shows, with former factory test-driver, off-road adventurer, and host Justin Fort going talk-radio on whatever gets in his way, with a little help from .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night), Jeff Trevaskis (head bottle washer at Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits) and official FNG, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions.

6:PM on 1170AM (and KCBQ.com for the simulcast).  Yeah, it’ll be bliss.


June 28/6:PM: Getting It Out of Our Systems – We’re International, Baby! Democracy VS Bureaucracy, Plus Iraq, Our Southern Border, Employment and Larry Wilske (Candidate for San Diego’s 53rd District)

The Garage Hour is pretty gear and beercentric most of the time, but every now and again we need to dig deep into the other holes we like – in this case, it’s government (a.k.a. What’s Wrong with This Picture?).  We’re going to light a fuse under a few of the hot-button dealios that make Americans so upset nowadays, most notably the unfolding extremist mess in Iraq, the well developed train wreck in Eastern Europe at the hands of ReSoviet Russia, the unopened can of doom in the South China Sea, and how Barry O’s feckless and/or reckless Obamination Administration is making it all much, much worse.

We’ll then turn the cannons stateside for a scary look at what’s going on on the US’s border with Mexico (thank God for Canada, eh?) and how this hazardous border policy will expose the US to criminals, militaries, diseases and extremists from south of the border.  If you’re not scared now, you ought to be.

In the studio with former factor test driver and host Justin Fort will be .45 Phil, 27-year Marine, Matt Klier (CEO of Active Shooter Defense School), and Larry Wilske, former SEAL Team 7 Command Master Chief and candidate for San Diego’s 53rd congressional seat.


06.21.14 @ 6:PM -> Understanding the AR-15 and Other Things the Kleptocrats Said You Should Fear, Plus Cars, Trucks and Beers with Direct Action Solutions

i-should-liberia-gun-demotivational-poster-1224875909Tune in at 6:PM on Saturday to revisit the false dichotomy of how automatic assault weapons and black machine guns that fire 3000 rounds a second will kill your children and molest the mailman – it’s crap (holy crap), and we’re going to help you understand why the AR-15 and many other “black” rifles are some of the best home defense weapons for women, a delight for acclimating young shooters, and akin to adult LEGOs for anyone who likes building things in their garage.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, road-race slicer dicer, and .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night, in the studio will be Taylor from Solana Beach’s Direct Action Solutions, who’s going to help us understand some of the bureaucratic intricacy and jackassery faced by legal firearms owners in California and the US, and will also help us chat our listeners into their first visit to a gun store (because you know you want to).

Also, cars, trucks and beers – it’s the Garage Hour, after all.


Sasquatch Run #3: The Squatchening – Have Truck, Will ‘Squatch, May 30 After Work.

bigfootbeer1If you’re a fan of cars, trucks, beers and guns, or just want to come along for some high-quality off-road adventure, join the Garage Hour goons for a sporty little night run on May 30.  And yes, there might be a sasquatch sighting, but only if El Sasquatcho isn’t busy raiding campsites elsewhere.  It’s a local run out of San Diego satellite Ramona – just imagine paddling out to catch the sunset on a Friday after work, and then do it in a truck, paddling up a mountain instead.

What truck?  Anything that runs right with decent ground clearance (and plates) can handle this trail.  The run takes about half an hour, and the stars should be epic (low moon).  A two-wheel drive rig with a good set of tires can make it with no trouble.  Meet-up is in Ramona, CA at 7:PM (May 30!) – send an email or message us through the show’s Farcebook page for more details.


PS> Don’t forget that Garage Hour podcasts are available for your regular hours online at iTunes and at our podcast microsite: http://garagehour.libsyn.com/.


An Open Letter to the NFL: What Happened to Football? (as read on-air 05.17.14)

Dear NFL.

I’d like to thank you for giving me my Sundays back.

Since I was little, I’ve planned my Sundays around watching football. Family and friends, folks and food, we’d cook and eat and drink and watch pro athletes play at the peak of their sporting ability. On special occasions, we’d even scrape together enough dough to see a football game in person – I’ve been so lucky to attend professional football games in Pittsburg, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Dallas. My Sundays were about family and football.

Now, the NFL is becoming something other than football. NFL players who used to be role models now have DUIs, kids with a dozen women, foul mouths, and either skated on manslaughter raps or are in the pokey facing them. They behave like spoilt children, get arrested for fighting with bouncers, tear up restaurants, and literally shoot themselves in the leg. NFL team owners pander to politics, play games with city and state funds, and hire greasy political attorneys to whine for them on national TV when they don’t get the free money or free stadium they think they’re entitled to. Instead of spending my week looking forward to a weekend of football, I’m hiding from daily news about the NFL’s players and owners.

Meanwhile, NFL, your corporate behavior belies your “nonprofit” status. You push politics and issues like you use to hawk merchandise. Every ad and break is full of messaging and PR, so much of it thinly veiled expressions of whatever slice of your agenda was selected to beat your viewers over the head with that week. I don’t care if a player is white, black, straight, LGB or PBJ, and I don’t want to. Additionally, every time an NFL announcer who’s supposed to talk football starts acting like an expert on guns, race, homosexuality or politics, they water down their credibility as a football expert. Then these “experts” start conflating issues, and tell me someone should play football because he’s gay or a girl or a victim, when I only want to watch him play football.

Then I read that NFL teams are taking money to promote a political monstrosity like Obamacare – the Ravens, for example – and I ask myself whether I should be more outraged that the NFL was marketing an awful healthcare program, or that taxpayers are paying them to do it. And then there’s how that promotion is being done… The NFL’s players are sending out Tweets written for them by the White House, which are funneled to them by the players’ union! That’s not football, that’s a weaponized White House using high-dollar low-information pro athlete children to do their dirty work. At the same time, the NFL punishes players who disagree with its agenda and send them to – I’m not even making this up – re-education. How is that not big-state Stasi-KGB-GRU behavior? I don’t want that in my America, let alone my football. And instead of standing up for free speech, the NFL is increasing its drug-testing tolerances so the players can get a little more stoned on the weekend. Nice family-oriented message.

The saddest part of all this is that the NFL itself is being played. The current inhabitants of the White House, and all their progressive-cum-commie machinations, have used one group after another as stepping stones to their ultimate goal of a massive state bureaucracy that’s accountable to no one. If the little kids running the NFL think they can outpolitic or outmoney people like Barry Obama and his ilk, whose cultish devotion to big government puts the machine politicians of Chicago and New York to shame, you’re well on your way to being stepped over like these progressives stepped over the Jewish lobby, the unions, black Americans, low-information voters and will shortly be stepping over the gay lobby and every other “interest” group they’ve pretended to stand up for. You’re being used as leverage that in the end will be turned on you.

I don’t watch football for gay stuff or racial stuff or political stuff – in fact, I want football to help me avoid that crap. I watch football for the athleticism, action, skill and tradition, and because some of the guys who play are still stand-up role models for myself and my kin. That’s what built the NFL, and I would argue that most football fans don’t care about anything else. The further you move away from those things, the less I watch, and I bet my show that I’m not alone.

Hey, NFL, thanks for giving me my Sundays back.

Yours truly,

Justin Fort

c/o Hank Watson’s Garage Hour

[A downloadable JPEG of this is available at the show’s Farcebook page, and there might be a PDF here if we can figure out how to attach it…]

Go Shoot: P2K Range Gun Safe & Membership Giveaway

Your Second Amendment rights begin with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, grow from home and family, and take action at a firearms retailer like Solana Beach’s Direct Action Solutions, but then you need to go shoot.  If practice makes perfect, then shooting makes a shooter, and P2K has been the Garage Hour’s place to shoot since 2009.

To make sure you feel welcome and regularly get to the range for practice, P2K Range is working with the Garage Hour to give away a rifle and pistol gun safe and a year’s membership to the range.  Stay tuned here for more information – the Garage Hour will announce the details of this giveaway shortly.


May 10 @ 6:PM -> Trail and Crawl Season, Off-Road Parts and Plans, BLM BS and Sasquatch Run #3 (The Squatchening)

Hell yes, it’s time to fire up the other off-road season (trail, rocks, crawling and altitude) with a Garage Hour full of it.  Full of off-road, that is.  We’ll also have a litany of new-to-me off-road bits for play and pleasure, some Jeeper bashing (we love Jeep guys, but Jeepers keep making us angry), tales of Grade-A bullship from the BLM on account of their being the cause of last year’s Chariot Fire, and more about our upcoming Sasquatch Run on May 30.a3

Guitar fiend and Garage Hour guest Seth (SethMetal.com) will rejoin Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and That Which Goes Bump In the Night (.45 Phil) to chat cars, trucks, beers and guns, plus trucks and trucks. Tune in at 6:PM, and don’t forget to grab the podcasts @ the Garage Hour’s podcast microsite (and now linked at Garage Hour.com!).


04.26.14 @ 6:PM – Cars, Trucks, Beers and Guns, and Also Punk Rockers


It’s going to be one of THOSE shows, complete with Twisted Manzanita CEO Jeff Trevaskis in the studio, and Steve, Paul, Dean and Jon from San Diego-based punk band Look Up Here. Because the Garage Hour staff usually trends towards the metal and the electronic, we do not know a lot of punk bands – thanks to cohost SuperMeg for bringing them in (she’ll also be on-air at 6:PM).


Have no fear: we’re loaded to the hilt with good radio ammo, including everything from ammo (hah!), cell phone tickets and why you should put the freakin’ thing down (you fool), watches, beers, and birthdays and whatever else we can scare up.


04.12.14 @ 6:PM – Autocross for Big Boys @ Lone Pine Time Trials, Also MRAPs for Corn Protection, Dodge’s Sticker-Package RamRunner and Flipping Smarts (Hobby or Compulsion?)

Ahhhh, gearhead stuff.  We’re on track for a fine collection of cars, trucks, beers and guns this weekend, beginning with a chat about the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials with Bret Norgaard (one of the Bilstein Boys).  There will also be an exploration of Smart car flipping (lookin’ for the tailpipe?), the sad end of 1396901255009-smart1what was supposed to be a direct competitor to Ford SVT’s phenomenal (though prone to crack in the middle) Raptor, the Dodge RamRunner.

We’ll also discuss the unlimited expenditure that is unlimited boat racing (and how many engines does it take to be called overkill?), and the logic of the US Big Government giving (distributing) “used” military hardware all around the country when the world is clearly not becoming a safer place. Who’s the bigger threat to this administration?

It’s the Garage Hour.  Stop talking and turn it up.